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Care Given

The care given is to make the patient as symptom free and comfortable as is possible. The needs of a terminally ill patient are many: medical, nursing, mental, social, spiritual and financial. The care given, therefore is with a team effort, with each member of the team looking after the needs of the patient as per his or her specialty. The team consists of doctors, nurses counsellors, volunteers and spiritual advisors, to offer “total: care to the patient”.

Nursing Care

The nursing care, which is the most important is given by trained and qualified members of the nursing order of the Holy Cross Sisters, Menzigen, with much love and devotion. They form the “Heart” of the Sadan. They are helped by paramedical nursing aides, in all three Branches.

Medical Care

The day-to-day Medical Care is given by specially trained doctors in palliative care, in all our Branches. In addition, specialist care is given by our onco-surgeon whenever needed. Other specialty doctors like dentists, skin specialists, anaesthetists etc. are invited on voluntary basis to help patients whenever a specific need arises.

Supportive Care

Supportive Care is given by a whole team, consisting of volunteers, social workers, occupational therapists, counsellors, and religious advisors. Most of all, the family members are trained and encouraged to support the patient as best as possible.