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Most frequent questions and answers

Most patients are sent from the Cancer hospitals or the general hospitals, not only in Mumbai, but from all over India. Some also come from private hospitals, or are sent by general practitioners. Many are also brought by religious and social workers.

We request that a special referral form be filled in by the referring hospital doctor. This is important for us, as it states the diagnosis of the patient and all the treatment given to the patient. This information is necessary for us to plan further treatment and care. The referral forms are available at most referring institutions or can easily be obtained from the Sadan, at no cost.

Yes, the patient an come directly also. However, they must bring all records of treatment given. These are evaluated by our doctors, who then fill the necessary referral form, if the patient is suitable for admission in the Sadan. We prefer, however, that referral forms are filled by the referring hospitals or doctors.

Admissions are normally done during the daytime working hours from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There are no emergency admissions.

All rights of admission to Shanti Avedna Sadan are under jurisdiction of the Trust.

Most certainly the patient can go home whenever he/she want to and the family is willing to look after them. In fact, once the patient is pain and symptom free, we encourage our patients to go home, and almost 20% of our inmates do so.

Yes, the patient can always come back to the Sadan, if the symptoms or discomfort increases, or the family finds it difficult to look after them at home.