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Support Systems

In addition to the main care of our inmates, we also have the following support systems:

Out Patient Dept (OPD)

This is mainly for patients who have been discharged from the Sadan and need follow-up treatment on their medication. Our in-house doctor is available for the same every afternoon as required.

Day Care Services

This is for patients who would like to stay at home, but would like to come in for day care attention when needed. All necessary care is given to day care patients.

Home Services

We do not have a home care service, but closely liase with other NGOs like Cancer Patients Aides Association, V-Care etc., who support these services and coordinate with the Sadan.

Occupational Therapy

Those patients who are in a suitable condition, are encouraged to do some work to keep their minds occupied. They make some decorations, or small articles, or paintings or writings, under the supervision and encouragement of our occupational Therapist.

Rehabilitation Services

Whenever a patient is handicapped in any way, such as swellings on the limbs, stiffness, etc., rehabilitation services like treatment of oedema, physiotherapy etc. are given. Also, when appliances are needed, like walkers etc. these are provided.

Relaxation facilities

We offer various relaxation facilities like music, TV, movies, games, outings etc. to make the patient feel as relaxed as possible.

Spiritual support

Each religion is equally respected. Spiritual counsellors for each religion are invited to interact with the patients as needed. Besides, the Sisters themselves interact spiritually with the patient whenever needed and possible. There is, however, strictly no indoctrination of any particular religion in the Sadan.

β€œThe best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Our volunteers form a very important part of the support system. To become a volunteer, the individual must send us a brief personal resume, and fill a questionnaire. These are studied by our committee to see the suitability of the individual to be a volunteer. If found suitable, the application is kept on the waitlist and the person is invited, as soon as there is a vacancy or a special need arises.

Functions of the volunteers

A volunteer gives his/her time and service to the Sadan on a purely voluntary basis without compensation. The main function of the volunteers are:

Help in Management

Help in roles like telephone operating, coordination etc.

Interact with Patients

Interact with the patients and provide companionship, and service to them.

Interact with Relatives

Interact with relatives and support them in any way possible.

The volunteer is asked to select the field he or she would like to serve in, and give a commitment of time and a day for it, on a purely voluntary basis, without any compulsion.